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Vidago Villa Grande Reserva 2018 is released in 2020

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In 2020, the Vidago Villa Grande Reserva 2018 is released on the domestic and foreign markets. This is a white wine (varietal) produced in the Trás-os-Montes region – one of the territories to have expanded the most in terms of winemaking –, and more precisely in Vidago, Chaves. The Vidago Villa estate, located in a microclimate, is the birthplace of this fine wine, which has come to make its mark in the world of wine. This is the first wine from the ‘casa’, whose attribution of Grande Reserva gives it an authentic premium status. And the wine was created with a high-end segment in mind – this is a wine for connoisseurs. The landscapes and history of Vidago, the veneration of grapevines and the region’s own characteristics have influenced the creation of the label - a portrait of Vidago: town, palace and golf course. The Vidago Villa Grande Reserva, harvested in 2018, reveals refinement; it is bright; it boasts rays of gold; it has aromas of citrus fruit and vanilla; as well as gentle woody notes, due to its ageing in selected French oak barrels. Connoisseurs of this wine will have the opportunity to purchase it through the estate’s website ( - which will be launched in 2020. It will also be available in some of the best regarded wine stores in Portugal, as well as in very prestigious outlets, because, after all, there are only 1573 numbered bottles of this new wine. 

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