Villas&Golfe Angola

Editorial Status

1- Villas&Golfe Angola magazine is a quarterly publication dedicated to publishing articles showcasing the best of the world in terms of culture, leisure, sport and luxury, always joined by interviews with leading names. It is also available on the Internet, at    

2- Villas&Golfe Angola magazine is an independent publication, with no political, ideological, religious or economic allegiances. 

3- Villas&Golfe Angola magazine is governed by criteria of rigour, impartiality, honesty and integrity. 

4- Villas&Golfe Angola magazine makes a distinction between its opinion and other pieces, all of which are clearly identified. These should not be confused with informative/editorial articles. 

5- Villas&Golfe Angola magazine, and all of its team, is committed to respecting the rights and obligations demanded of journalistic practice, adhering to the Ethics Framework, the Journalist’s Statute and Press Law. 

6- Villas&Golfe Angola magazine develops its editorial activity with absolute freedom and rigour, with the principle of quality journalism, favouring the public interest.