Villas&Golfe Angola


Manager, Founder Espiral

Wagner Luís

«Why not a ‘made in Angola’ jewellery brand (...)?»
Manager, Managing director Kinda Angola 

Tiago Carlos

«Our clients are at the centre of all our decisions»
Manager, CEO Tecnovia Angola 

Ricardo Marfim dos Santos

«An upward trajectory, sustained by quality»
Manager, CEO New Rayde

Pedro Santos

«It’s not an easy task to make a brand succeed in a complex market»
Manager, musician and business manager 

Pedro Santos

«The public is what makes C4»
Manager, Founder Raízes Cruzadas 

Paula Tavares

«I am Angolan and my fight is alongside this people»
Manager, Managing director InterContinental Luanda Miramar

Nuno Neves

«I saw the first international hotel chain in Angola develop»
Manager, CEO Toyota Angola

Nuno Borges

«Hydrogen vehicles will be the future»
Manager, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAI Academy 

Noelma Viegas D’Abreu

«A business manager needs to be stable and manage their emotions wisely»
Manager, Managing Director Carmon

Mayra Costa

«Connecting cities, but also countries»
Manager, Managing Partner MG Advogados and Musian

Manuel Gonçalves

«I work (...) in different fields, but they share common traits»
Manager, CEO Fabrimetal 

Luís Diogo

«We are (...) the pioneers in steel production»
Manager, Chairman of Banco BIC

Hugo Teles

«We give credit to those who make Angola grow»
Manager, CEO Cha Group

Helt Araújo

«Teamwork is the only way to win championships»

Carlos Feijó

«I’d like to see Angola as a developed country»

Mário Augusto João

«Managing a public institution isn’t easy»

Kanda Kassoma

«We will have new Angolan inspired collections»


Building bridges for 30 years 
Floriculture Sector

Flor Angola

Reaping the benefits of what he sows 
Construction Sector 

15 years of MSTR

«We can’t do anything else but excellence»
Agriculture Industry 

Mário Lourenço Ribeiro

«Our ambition is to be one of the key players in our sector»
Financial Sector

José António Barata

«Deloitte’s purpose lies in the impact it creates in the world»
Grande Entrevista

Mário Mota Lemos

«ENSA is very focused on the digital transformation of the business»
Oil Sector

Natacha Massano

«The oil sector is hostile in nature when it comes to the placement of women»

Alexandra Simeão

«Women with less (...) remain invisible and abandoned»

Alexandra Lima

«We women can do everything that any human being can do»

Noelma Viegas D’Abreu

«Angola has evolved, but at a relatively slower rate than would be desirable»  

Paula Osório

«Female leadership is already a reality that does not seem strange or cause discomfort»

Expo 2023 in Qatar and World Expo in Japan in 2025

What you need to know about the next two editions

Strategic social programmes

More than 3,000 people benefit in Eastern Angola

Luís Roberto Gonçalves 

"I have strived, in a very positive way, to view ‘threats’ as an opportunity” 


António Henriques da Silva

«AIPEX is an institution with a high responsibility in the country»

Joaquim Piedade

«The ‘made in Angola’ stamp will begin to conquer a more substantial space»

Catarino Pereira

«The Logistics and Transport sector will develop strongly over the next decade in Angola»

João Martins

«The intention is to turn SECIL into a competitive and, perhaps, the biggest and best positioned company in the national market»

Tecnovia Angola

For a better Angola
Economy & Business

Renewable energy resources

Sonangol to produce green hydrogen in Angola with support from German companies 
Economy & Business

Ricardo Marfim dos Santos

«Angola is a country with a future»


Maroliv – International Group SGPS

For an industrialised Angola
Advertising Industry

Paulo Cardoso

«JCDecaux is a key company, of paramount importance for the economy and development of the country»
Processing Industry

Ramzi el Houchaimi

«We are confident about the future of Angola»
Food Industry

Quinta de Jugais Angola

Products that transmit tradition
Social Responsability

Aldeia Camela Amões – Huambo

An example for the rest of the world
Food Industry

Diogo Caldas

«We produce brands in Angola for Angolans»

Agriculture Industry

Agribusiness, made in Angola

A commitment to growth in the national production
Terceary Sector

Bruno Ricardo Albernaz

«I have a tremendous passion for my country»

Education Sector

Noelma Viegas D’Abreu

«We are guided by rigour and excellence»


Rovuma basin

Floating platform for gas exploration
Metalurgical Industry

Aceria De Angola

The strength of steel


Requalification and Construction

Mozambique invests US$14 million in tolls

Economic partnership

World’s biggest trade agreement is now in force

FILDA with 300 exhibitors in Angola

Luanda once again receives ideas for the industry, technology and agronomy sectors