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Six Senses Spa Krabey Island

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It’s time to take a deep breath and enjoy the day without a watch on your wrist. Live the life you deserve, with Six Senses Spa Krabey Island. Drawn-out dips, invigorating massages and exotic rituals are just some of the activities you can find in the Six Senses’ facilities on Kaôh Chrâlŭh Island in Cambodia. Sauna, herbal steam tent, hot tub, Khmer foot massage, yoga or gym class. The Six Senses Spa Krabey Island combines all this, and much more, in a revitalising space that guarantees a unique afternoon, whether it’s feeling your muscles decompress on the table or taking a leisurely dip in the indoor pool. 

A unique experience, with exclusive views of Mother Nature
Alone or as a couple, in a bathrobe or swimsuit. The choice is yours. You should know that seven treatment rooms, a meditation room, an outdoor yoga pavilion, an indoor fitness room, a consultation room and relaxation and post treatment areas will be at your disposal. Qualified therapists will guide you on your spiritual journey and there are many suggestions.
A good starting point is the Khmer Kru Thnam Herbal Massage, performed with local therapeutic herbs. Working on the entire body, the massage is based on gentle, rolling movements applied to specific pressure points. A veritable sigh of liberation. If the intention is to recover the skin’s glow, we recommend the Khmer Salt and Herb Scrub workshop, where you will learn how to make a powerful elixir, which mixes sea salt with local Khmer herbs and aromatic oils. The result is soft, smooth skin, which is then doused with nourishing coconut oil. If you’re looking for a more hands-on process, skip the creation stage and enjoy an antioxidant facial, designed for dry, sensitive or damaged skin. Soothing and revitalising, the nutrient-rich product rejuvenates ageing skin through advanced antioxidants. In addition, Six Senses chose to add a Sound Wave bath to its extensive range of products, followed by a Relaxed Feet massage.  

The spa that combines new technologies with the miracle remedies of Cambodia’s local communities 
To the rhythm of the musical vibrations, the massage works on the scalp, through an oil that relieves the tension of the muscles and the upper body. There are other, different treatments like this one, which focus on specific areas of the body. All you have to do is ask. As for the wellness programmes, these are calibrated to fitness, yoga, weight control, sleep tracking and therapies that eliminate toxins and improve the immune system. A unique experience, accompanied by exclusive views of Mother Nature. 
Slow down the pace of everyday life and come and discover a spa that combines new technologies with the miracle remedies of Cambodia’s local communities. Only by allowing yourself to do so will you be able to live a more meaningful life.  
T. Joana Rebelo
P. Rights Reserved