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Wickaninnish Inn

Somewhere between the land and the sea 

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Tired of taking a back seat? Break the monotony of everyday life and embark on a new adventure in Western Canada. Mysterious forests, wild waters and soothing sounds are what awaits you at an auspicious five-star venue. This could be the perfect excuse to perfect your swing on the golf course, or perhaps challenge yourself to kayaking lessons, given that the beach is right next door and you’re hungry for the unknown. Dare to let life flow, to the rhythm of the ocean waves and your heart. 
Right by the sea is where we find Wickaninnish Inn, a refuge situated on the north cape of Chesterman Beach, where the melody of Mother Nature and rustic elegance fill the soul of anyone who visits it. A setting for encounters and memories, what strikes you first is the communion of luxury with the spectacle of nature, which permeates every turn of the five-star complex. One moment the sea, the next the forest. One moment cyan blue, the next olive green. The motto is adventure and it was for this reason that Vancouver Island served as inspiration for the creation of a space destined for the enjoyment of life. But what you experience on the inside is also delightful. 
Its past tells a wonderful story, as Wickaninnish Inn came about from the McDiarmid family’s vision in 1996. Even though the space has changed as a result of the passing of time, its values remain intact. Hospitality, comfort and quality. Nothing more, nothing less. As for its main focus, this lies boldly on leisure tourism and business travel, ensuring the classic triangle: accommodation, restaurant and spa. Adopting the north-west coast style, visible through the presence of natural elements, such as cedar and local stones, the space comes to life with the gleaming windows, through which the sun’s rays fill every corner of the complex. Sculptures and pieces of art made by local artisans compete with the beauty of the landscape. To find them, all you have to do is stroll along the long, rustic corridors. The promise, from here on out, is to keep on investing in the concept of social responsibility, both in terms of the environment and in terms of supporting the local community, as this is also what this five-star hotel in Canada is built on. 

A setting for encounters and memories 
There are three hotel floors, doused in a relaxed luxury that includes furniture made from recycled materials, cosy fireplaces, bathtubs in immaculate white and balconies with endless views. But in portions. As far as accommodation is concerned, there are two types available, suites and guest rooms, although you should first choose the environment that most appeals to your heart: sea or forest. With a view to making the experience more intimate and personal, the Wickaninnish Inn allows guests to choose between staying overnight in the Beach Building, to the sound of the ocean waves, or in the Pointe Building, with the sound of howling wolves in the Vancouver’s dense forests. And know that it was in a nearby area that the Twilight saga was filmed... Perhaps you’ll drink up some inspiration to write a brilliant fantasy book. 
Comprising 42 Deluxe rooms, the Pointe Building incorporates three Premiere rooms, as well as The Pointe Restaurant and Ancient Cedars Spa. The other option is the Beach Building, with its 18 luxury rooms and 12 dream suites. In addition, it offers the Lookout Library, a fitness room, the Driftwood café and the Henry Nolla Gallery. Tough decisions, but, if it’s any consolation, what differs from one building to the next is little more than the landscape. 

The communion of luxury with the spectacle of nature
The Pointe restaurant’s dishes are made with fresh ingredients, harvested from local sources. The best produce arrives in the kitchen daily for the chefs, who prepare unique flavours to showcase the best of Western Canada’s cuisine. If you plan to spend an afternoon at the Ancient Cedars Spa, chances are you’ll achieve the inner calm you’ve been searching for so long, thanks to the revitalising treatments guaranteed to align body and mind. 
Family moments, romantic experiences, flavours out of this world and early morning walks that allow you to admire the simpler things in life: sound good? 
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