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The king of the seas

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The Dubai International Boat Show was the pretext for Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design to introduce the latest innovation in the nautical market: the BEACH boat, composed of a range of three superyachts, measuring 77, 88 and 99 metres in length.
Sail where the wind takes you, embrace the tides, feel the fresh air far from urban centres and take a closer look at the wonders that nature holds for us underwater. Nothing more, nothing less. With this purpose, the BEACH concept is ardently dedicated to the enjoyment of life, accompanied by the glamour found over 77, 88 and 99 metres in length, depending on which one you choose.
Focusing on what this ‘houseboat’ can offer, let’s start by checking out its interior design, developed so as to recreate the movement of the waves. Without ever compromising on the level of comfort and functionality, a forté of Sinot Yacht, the idea is to create the feeling of a day at the beach, without having to drop anchor or change location. The outline displayed by the boat is modern, along with the clear lines and sculptural hull it incorporates. The remarkable opening-up to the ocean is achieved through the choice of windows, which provide a deep connection with the crystal-clear waters in which the king of the sea bathes. Another highlight is the swimming pool, making any passenger’s stay aboard as pleasant as possible. Developing between the two external staircases, this entertainment ‘beach deck’ area produces the sensation of a waterfall, where the water seems to emerge from inside the BEACH itself. What’s more, the glass roof, embedded in the ceiling, connects to the pool, which creates the sensation of noiselessly walking in the depths of the ocean, in harmony with your inner self. Complete in every aspect, the superyacht is a picture of modern style, with full forward beam, living rooms and several VIP cabins. The minimalism, the choice of colours and materials allow for an open and functional space, providing plenty of room to highlight, through the windows, the beauty of the sea, the sky and the stars, all at the same time. Gym, spa, treatment room and multipurpose room are other rooms that you can customise on the BEACH, while enjoying advanced technology that certainly won’t hold you back. The premium area houses the suites. These privileged spaces guarantee privacy and majestic views. From the bed to the accessories, or from the chairs to the carpets, the experience is unique and sustainable, a fact made possible by the natural materials used. With private bathrooms and dream walk-in wardrobes, life develops inside the luxury boat, perfect and simple, we believe. As for the outside deck, it has private seating, areas for rejuvenating sunbathing and a large jacuzzi. 
The invitation is open to enjoy the sunniest days and warmest nights. 
T. Joana Rebelo
P. Rights Reserved