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Mário Rui Lourenço Ribeiro

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Matilde Guebe

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Matilde Guebe
From Luanda to Benguela. At 6 o’clock, one sunny morning. A hot day, you can already feel it. Minutes later we’re already rolling through Ramiros. Then Barra. Then the horizon. This country is beautiful.
For anyone, on a holiday, it’s a lingeringly pleasant trip. One or two stops on the way. A coffee on the beach at Porto Amboim. Lunch on Sumbe waterfront. No hurries, the day is not for that.
But for those who travel this route for their job, sometimes daily, out of obligation, as people say, the road is long, challenging and sometimes dangerous.
Watching the plains pass by my window I imagine the usefulness of a motorway for many. Not a road for cars, rather a real motorway. Three lanes each way, for us to respect the weight of heavy vehicles. A passing lane on the left, to safely pass those who want to pass safely. Laybys for those who want to pull over. Lighting. Smooth pavement. Central barriers. Cattle in the distance on the grass. Petrol stations, garages, restaurants, hotels... A panoply of services for those on the road, all to hand.
Safety. Reliability. Jobs. 
Mobility. Movement of goods. Tourism.
The economy fizzing.
This would be an opportunity to test the true potential of public-private partnerships, which have been part of law here for several years. A concession through international tender. The recovery of private investment through tolls or rents due for the cession of land for services. And the consequent liability of the concession holder to ensure their maintenance.
Many business groups have expanded and contributed with public-private concessions. We need that too. Something that has already been invented and reinvented in many latitudes and that urgently needs to be reinvented in Angola, in a realistic formula that works for us. Now.
And no one shall be forced to use the motorway. We can always use the roads for cars. If not because of the cost, then just to enjoy the road.