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Social Responsibility as a Business Model

Ricardo Marfim dos Santos

CEO, Tecnovia Angola

Ricardo Marfim dos Santos
The success of social responsibility in companies is proportional to the culture and values they embody, as well as to the commitment of their top management. 
The growing media coverage of corporate social responsibility, associated with a correct marketing strategy, provides credibility and added value. It does not necessarily mean that it should be seen by companies as a business strategy. But should it?
Simply to assume that the mere fact that companies exist is, per se, an act of social responsibility is not enough. They effectively serve a social purpose, generating value for the organisations and communities with which they interact.
Nevertheless, it is important to take this concept to another level.
It is reductive to reduce the social responsibility of an organisation to sponsorships, volunteer activities, interaction with NGOs and participation in charity events.Above all, it should be a well-structured and planned initiative, promoting projects that have an effective impact on the communities.
It is my conviction that the role of the decision makers, as a driving force, should take into account that the business community can do much more if it is united. The creation of synergies between companies would allow changing the current paradigm of social responsibility, elevating it and providing more elaborate and impactful projects for society.
It is mainly up to the CEOs, together with their peers, to promote joint initiatives that bring together the know-how of each company for the benefit of society, boosting the collective capacity rather than the individual one, for the greater good.
This cooperation format, conceived and managed by private parties, can and should, in some areas, take the initiative to replace the role of the state.
The use of specific funding sources for this type of project makes social responsibility a profitable business model, while solving society’s pressing problems.
To this end, it would be interesting to encourage the development of investment funds, supported by social financing models, as well as the creation of work groups or business associations based on this model.