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«We are very proud to be part of this moment in Angola’s history»

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The InterContinental Luanda Miramar is the new star hotel in Luanda, which combines high levels of comfort, luxury and exclusivity, adhering to the highest international standards of the sector. Its general manager, whose 30 years of experience have taken him to more than 20 destinations, including Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, is now a specialist in upper upscale and luxury hotels. He revealed to V&G Industry the challenges and goals he has for the hotel, without forgetting to make a realistic analysis of the current state of the sector, both nationally and internationally. 

The InterContinental Luanda Miramar is the latest Angolan «jewel», offering an answer aligned to the highest international standards in the 5-star hotel category. How has it all been going so far? 
It has been a very interesting journey with several challenges, but also several rewards. This opening has been an extremely enriching experience and one of great pride, as my team and I are bringing international luxury hospitality to the Angolan market. We still have a long way to go, with man services that are yet to open according to the vision of the project, but, with almost three years having passed since I landed in Luanda, my assessment is that very soon the InterContinental Luanda Miramar will be the best hotel in Angola, as well as very probably the best business hotel in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

In accordance with the country’s economic and financial evolution, what is your strategic vision for the hotel in terms of attracting guests and positioning the brand, both in the country and abroad?
Angola is a country of opportunities, a country that has already been through several challenges, but which at the moment has a promising future ahead of it. We are very proud to be part of this moment in Angola’s history. We look to the future with great hope, and we think that 2023 will be a year of great prosperity for Angola, in which the country will continue to become increasingly relevant on the international stage. As the first international hotel chain in the country, we have a huge advantage, as many guests work with our company in numerous destinations and we are a recognised brand around the world. Given that we are a luxury hotel, we are positioned to welcome the highest dignitaries, as well as being the hotel of choice for the corporate segment. 

What are the major advantages of the InterContinental Luanda Miramar at the moment, over other hotels, and what type of guests has it been attracting, bearing in mind that Angola, besides being a business destination, is also starting to make its mark as a tourist destination?
Apart from the peerless quality services we offer, we are also the safest hotel in the city. Therefore, we end up being the choice of the most varied kinds of guests when planning their trip to Luanda. In recent times, Angola has been opening its borders to show to the world the many beauties it boasts, both in terms of people and natural beauty. There are not many destinations in the world that can boast what Angola has to offer: a destination of sea, mountains, cosmopolitan and of unparalleled natural beauty. 

Despite being a kind of ‘hotel of the world’, you aren’t neglecting the national market, in particular in the area of events...
The InterContinental Luanda Miramar has been the hotel of choice for the most varied of national and international companies as the hotel offering the very finest in events services. Thus, as much for the governmental sector as for the private sector, we are the hotel of choice for medium and large-scale events. Our ambition is to offer a local touch with international service.

«Our priority is our people»
The sector is equally obliged to operate hand in hand with sustainability. How is InterContinental Luanda Miramar achieving this?
Being part of an international company, our hotel follows very strict rules when it comes to sustainability. We have a programme, implemented across our 7,000 hotels, which measures our energy consumption, our carbon footprint, our water consumption, to name just a few factors. Every month, we have to report our results in order to understand whether there is room for improvement or not. Of course, if there is, we implement corrective measures to ensure we consume as little as possible and thus be as sustainable as possible. In addition to this, every supplier with whom we work must also have a sustainability programme in place, so that we can be sure that our supply chain is with us in this effort that belongs to everyone. 

After a few complicated years due to the pandemic, Angola is ‘cooking’ once again. The hotel sector ends up being a driving force behind this revival of the market. What predictions do you have for the coming years in this area?
As I mentioned before, we see the coming years in a very positive light. I wouldn’t necessarily say that we are a driving force behind market revival, but rather a support to critical sectors of the economy. The hotel sector ends up being the face of the country for travellers visiting the capital, becoming the home and welcoming face for the people who come here to do business. 

In your opinion, has the hotel sector also been fundamental in training and qualification of the Angolan population? Or does it still have a lot of room to grow? 
Without a doubt. One of our major motivations is to ensure that our staff is constantly being trained, so that we can provide an unbeatable service in every interaction we have with our guests. Internationally, InterContinental is recognised as a company that has a strong focus on its employees and the training programmes it implements. In addition to service training, we also offer the opportunity for our employees to train in a variety of disciplines through agreements we have with Harvard and Cornell, among other educational institutions. Our priority is our people. 

For anyone visiting the InterContinental Hotel, what will they discover in terms of services?
The new InterContinental Luanda Miramar makes the combination of sophisticated luxury and the local essence of the Angolan capital an unforgettable experience. Thus, InterContinental Luanda Miramar contains 377 luxury rooms, including Club InterContinental rooms and a wide range of elegantly designed suites. Starting on the 4th floor, every room offers stunning views of the bay or the Luanda skyline and features excellent amenities for total comfort and convenience.
Guests at the InterContinental Luanda Miramar can enjoy different types of cuisine in the restaurants and bars available, or enjoy a day in the sun at the outdoor swimming pool, with fantastic views of Luanda Harbour.
At the InterContinental Luanda Miramar the well-being of its guests is great importance, and there is also a fully equipped 24/7 fitness centre, a wonderful spa with seven treatment rooms (opening soon), a garden and an outdoor running track.
In addition to a variety of restaurants, the hotel has seven meeting and conference rooms, including the 800-sqm ‘Diamond Room’, which is the largest pillarless ballroom in the city. Whether for an intimate meeting or a large conference of 800 people, the conference and event space provides an elegant setting ideal for gala dinners, meetings, conferences or wedding parties.
Rich with refinement, the InterContinental Luanda Miramar includes, in its 377 luxury rooms, superior amenities for total comfort and convenience of its guests. In them, you can gaze over a glittering city at night and wake up to a breath-taking view over the Bay of Luanda.
As if all the above were not enough, for a relaxing break with a unique panoramic view, take time to cool off in the temperature-controlled pool, making the most of the sun, or tasting one of the delicious suggestions of the Peri Peri Pool Bar, open from 6 am to 10 pm. But that’s not all. Le Petit Choux, located in the hotel lobby, offers a welcoming, tranquil and cosy environment, making it the ideal space for anyone looking to take a short breather, to relax and absorb all the serenity that the InterContinental atmosphere offers; open from 7 am to 10 pm. The Curadoria Restaurant, located on the 1st floor, is the perfect place to socialise, share good moments and delicious meals, whether with family or for a business meeting, overlooking the Bay of Luanda. The buffet service offers a variety of national and international cuisine options, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, available every day from 6 am to 10 pm.
This is the latest proposal of the InterContinental Luanda, a new space that aims to be the new meeting point for all those who demand the finest quality and impeccable service, respecting the highest levels of comfort, luxury and exclusivity and following the best international standards of the sector.
T. Filomena Abreu
P. Edson Azevedo